Out of the Money T-Shirt-wise

The winners have been announced for the armor car/kid clothing blog story event at

I finished out of the money meaning no t-shirt for me. Still, even among such distinguished company I'm happy to say my story GOD BLESS US garnered some votes. To anyone who read the story and wants to give me some feedback, I'd love to hear from you.


guyot said…
Congrats, John.

Three 1st place votes is very good considering this crowd.
I thought you did a great job with it. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
Anonymous said…
I loved your story John, made me laugh out loud and I was impressed with the writing. You have a great way of setting a scene.
Thanks for sharing it.
Anonymous said…
Great story John. Anything that involved fucking sheep and donating kids clothes has got to be good.

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