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Here's a collection of the Top 15 Funniest Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels of All Time.

My Poem Set To Music

Jonathan Sheffer debuts "A Red Couch Floating in Lake Erie" symphony
to honor city

Cleveland, OH (March 12, 2007)—Orchestras are defined in some measure
by the musical personalities of their conductors, and Red is no
exception. Red {an orchestra}'s final performance for the 2006-2007
season, entitled That Red Guy, will include music composed and
arranged by Artistic Director Jonathan Sheffer.

"That Red Guy" begins with Sheffer's arrangement of Bach's Well-
Tempered Clavier in the minimalist style. The piece is followed by
Romp, Sheffer's showy concerto for saxophone and orchestra and
features Swedish saxophone soloist Anders Paulsson. "That Red Guy"
rounds out the performance with the debut of Sheffer's latest
symphony celebrating Cleveland titled A Red Couch Floating in Lake

A Red Couch Floating In Lake Erie beautifully fuses a symphony of
singers with poetry d…

Just Another Wiseguy

Partial transcript: In the matter of The United States vs Angelo “Fuzzy” Leonardi,
CV 34-5789

Bailiff : All rise.

Judge Reynolds: I trust we had a good lunch.

Noises of affirmation from the Jury.

Judge Reynolds: Mr. Wallace, is the government ready to proceed.

AUSA Terrence Wallace: We are your Honor. We request that Special Agent John Breem return to the stand. Special Agent Breem, you’ve explained to the jury what a Blog is, would you please read the transcription of the Blog entries as you found them on your search of Mr. Leonardi’s computer.

Defense Attorney Robert Matthews: Objection your honor.

Judge Reynolds: We’ve covered this already Mr. Matthews.

Matthews: I want my objection to be part of the record.

Judge Reynolds: So noted.

In a deadpan, uninflected voice, SA Breen read the following:

“Just Another Wiseguy

I blame the Sopranos. When I was first coming up in the business, everyone had a copy of the Godfather on videotape in their house, everyone. That was like our Bible, that’…