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The Musical Musings of Charles Bukowski

Big fan of Bukowski, eh? Well then you'd probably be interested in - BUKOWSICAL (aka Bukowski the Musical).

Yep, here's an article about the musical based on the poems of Charles Bukowski.,0,312450.story?coll=cl-stage-utility-right

Wait, there's more. A link to the music:

Still waiting for word on my recent story submissions.

Listening to:

Robert Glasper - Canvas - some good updated piano jazz from Blue Note

Finis Tasby - Jump Children! - Tasby is the vocalist, Larry Taylor the bassist, Rick Holstrom is the mfing guitarist - polished, urban blues

The Best of Linda Ronstandt - the Columbia years - a two disc set - I met Linda back when this music was being released, she played as the warm-up act for Arlo Guthrie. Someone knew someone from the back-up band and we ended up at the hotel room party.
I was in high school, busy trying to keep the members of Ronstandt's back-up band (which went…

Happy St Patrick's Day

And while you at it - Give Chesterland back to the Amish!

To celebrate the day I'm wearing the green - a Cleveland State University polo shirt under a green nub sweater. I took Pirate, our Irish Jack Russell puppy (the breed is the shorty version of the Jack Russell family), for an hour walk through the neighborhood. He marked every tree, post, brush, pole and clumped outcropping of weeds that he found. He tried to pick fights with anything bigger we encountered - a Whippet, a Golden Retiever and a mail box, and he offered his sexual favors to a female terrier. He chased & treed every squirrel. In other words, short of the green beer, he celebrated in the way I once celebrated this holiday. But for me it wasn't always a terrier.

My plans - I will be consuming corn beef & cabbage and some Smithwick's or Conway's Irish Ale or some other non-green Irish brew before seeing V for Vendetta.

Temporary Insanity

What the hell was I thinking?

Listening to:

Allen Toussaint - The Complete 'Tousan - get yourself some Nwalins funk

Seu Jorge - The life aquatic studio sessions - David Bowie songs acoustic in Portuguese - the only way to listen to Bowie

Soundtrack - Dusk 'till Dawn - some border blues

Alan Broadbent - Round Midnight - piano trio jazz standards

Terry Reid - Superlungs - Reid was hot stuff back in the day - Page wanted him to be the vocalist for Led Zepplin - stuff from the late 60's early 70's with a few remixed - solid

Bad Plus - Suspicious - a non-traditional piano trio outing

Susan Tedeschi - Hope and Desire - from the Bonnie Riatt school of thought

The Bop Singers - Eddie Jefferson & King Pleasure - doesn't get any better

I Believe to my Soul

Finished and sent my Border story, finished and sent another to Murdaland

Thinking about a PI story. Have three other stories to finish up first.

Listening to:

I Believe to My Soul Session 01 - a collection with vocals and songs by Ann Peebles, Billy Preston, Mavis Stables, Irma Thomas and Allen Toussaint - grest voices.

The Magic Numbers - has a 60's pop feel

Beautiful Dreamer - the songs of Stephen Foster - again some wonderful voices

Ray Barretto - Time Was - Time Is - Latin Jazz - the alto sax is a little shrill