Come Die With Me

Come Die With Me, a Brock (the Rock) Callahan PI novel c1959 by William Campbell Gault

I've been the above for a few weeks, along side three other novels and a few short story collections - sort of wetting my beak with this one from time to time - and it struck me how much Callahan probably influenced my first PI favorite Ross McDonald's Lew Archer. Made me want to read all of the Callahan stuff, search out Gault's other PI Joe Puma and begin rereading the Archer books. So much to read, there's always more than can reasonably fit in the on deck circle.

Have to start and finish The Kite Runner for my Dim Sum Book Club in Feb..
Have to finish The Man with the Ironed on Badge.
Have to finish that JD Rhoades - Devil's Right Hand.
Have two current war memoirs I'm slogging through.
and more...


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