The Musical Musings of Charles Bukowski

Big fan of Bukowski, eh? Well then you'd probably be interested in - BUKOWSICAL (aka Bukowski the Musical).

Yep, here's an article about the musical based on the poems of Charles Bukowski.,0,312450.story?coll=cl-stage-utility-right

Wait, there's more. A link to the music:

Still waiting for word on my recent story submissions.

Listening to:

Robert Glasper - Canvas - some good updated piano jazz from Blue Note

Finis Tasby - Jump Children! - Tasby is the vocalist, Larry Taylor the bassist, Rick Holstrom is the mfing guitarist - polished, urban blues

The Best of Linda Ronstandt - the Columbia years - a two disc set - I met Linda back when this music was being released, she played as the warm-up act for Arlo Guthrie. Someone knew someone from the back-up band and we ended up at the hotel room party.
I was in high school, busy trying to keep the members of Ronstandt's back-up band (which went on to become the Eagles a year or two later) off my high school girl friend. Of course she was busy flirting with them. The angel faced Ronstandt seemed world weary already. Reflecting back, my conversation with Arlo & Ronstandt was probably what they heard from every high school guy who thought he was hip. I would have traded for Ronstandt straight up for my girl friend but the Future Eagles, despite their assurances that their contract allows such a trade, were ultimately unable to consumate that deal. So, is the CD set any good? Yes, but I am a biased observer. "I've done verything I could to try and make you mine..."

Frequent Flyer - Rio de Janerio - electonica remixes with a Brazilian vibe - a step above the background music at the World Market.

Otis Rush - All your loving I miss loving - Live at the WiseFools Pub - excellent blues guitar.

Ray Brown & Jimmy Rowles - As Good As It Gets - bass and piano - a 2 disc set - wow, subtle talent at work here, no need to show off when you are this damn good


Lots of Ed Gorman. Short stories and Westerns. I'm intrigued by the call for Western Noir for the next Hardluck Stories. I've read and enjoyed Gorman's mysteries over the years, never much for Westerns - except Leonard's Hombre.
Gorman may make me a convert.

Kirby Olson's Waiting For the Rapture - a chapbook of Lutheran Surrealist poetry - Kirby Olson is a thoughtful, surprising and entertaining poet.


Man, that sucks. Not really woring on anything, flitting back and forth between a few unfinished, half thought out things. To do: focus, focus, focus.


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