Tom Waits for No Man

Missed out on tickets for Tom Waits Akron show.

Saw him twice way back in the late 70's. Great showman.

Last Sunday's NYT had an article on Smokey Hormel (his grandfather invented Spam - the meat sub not the computer meat message). Here's what he said about his time with Mr.Waits -

Mr. Hormel’s tenure with Beck proved useful during the next phase of his career, when he had to learn to adapt, fast, to unusual requests. In 1999 he was hired by Mr. Waits: “He said to the drummer, ‘You’re the plumbing.’ To the bass player he said, ‘You’re the electrical.’ And to me said, ‘And Smokey, you’re the drywall.’ I’m thinking, ‘O.K.’ ”

The drywall, cool.


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