The Greatest

Spent Saturday at the Q watching LeBron & the Cavs spank the Wizards. Hope it is an on-going thing, a quick finish to this series without injuries so we can rest up for our best of seven beating by Detroit.

It is my father's 83rd birthday Monday. We're celebrating it today.

Listening to:

The Greatest by Cat Power
Finally a record by Chan Marshall that lives up to the hype.

Bluesnik by Jackie McLean
Another Blue Note reissue, McLean died last month, a fierce sax player who worked his way out of the shadow of Bird.

Tauhid by Pharoah Sanders
One of my favorite songs by Pharoah is on session - Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt - saw Pharoah play Fat Glenn's once - while we were standing in line a car pulled up and a blissed out Pharoah and four other musicians (including vocalist Leon Thomas) emerged along with a cloud of thick sweet smelling smoke - hash or MaryJane? - it was a question we debated while waiting to enter.

The Band: A Musical History
I wonder if The Band would even gfet a recording contract theses days?

In the Mix - Artic Monkeys, Ray LaMontange, Hamell on Trial, VOW - Voice of the Wetlands, Ben Harper, Imogene Heap, The Minus 5, Duncan Sheik

Reading -

Two Minute Rule as a book on tape

Destination Morgue - James Ellroy

The Goodbye Kiss - Massimo Carlotto

Gunslinger & Bad Money by Ed Gorman (both westerns, yes I'm thinking about writing a Western short story for the next HardLuck Stories).


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