Mystery Circus/ CSI - Cleveland

I've posted some stuff up at Mystery Circus - under the topics - Texas Cheney Saw Massacre and Noir in Translation.

The Cheney stuff includes a link to a self-styled CSI invest of the shotgun incident.

My sister-in-law recently served on a Criminal Trial Jury. It was a drug case, the defendant was a mule, they had her on tape setting up a meet, they had eye witness testimony, photgraphs, other stuff. In the deliberations the jury members wondered why there was no finger-prints/hair samples/fiber samples taken. CSI-Cleveland is on the case.

Listening to:

Smoking at the Half Note - Wes Montgomery w Wynton Kelly - I really like the way Kelly plays - has that gospel jazz feel down.
Bill Frisell - Blues Dreams
Ry Cooder - Chicken Skin Music
Jackie McClean -Prestige Profile
Bireli Lagrene - Move
Shout Out Louds - Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Broken Social Scene
Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm
Rough Guide to Brazilian Hip Hop

Reading -
Caught Stealing - Charlie Huston
Bank Job - Steve Brewer
Mothers and other monsters - Maureen McHugh
Devil's Right Hand - JD Rhoades

Tough week writing. My border story for the next Hardluck Stories issue has become three different stories. Now I'm trying to get at least one done and shaped up enough to send.


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